For Patients

Patient Information

For newly diagnosed and those who have had MS:

  • It is never too late or too early to take an active role in your disease.
  • Our staff will work with your neurology team by giving them periodic updates on how you are doing and how you are responding to treatment.
  • We will send your neurology team your performance data every 13 weeks.

Our Orientation Process:

First you will sit down with one our directors and discuss your current challenges. The director will educate you on our program and determine, based on the information you provide, if the 810 MS Specialty Center can help you and how we will do that. Once expectations and a starting point are established, we will schedule your baseline testing.

Baseline testing and what it means; how we actually practice evidence-based medicine. The team at the 810 MS Specialty Center practices evidence-based medicine by moving you through a battery of tests when you first start. These tests are specific to MS. We will continue to perform these tests until we are sure your plan of care is as effective and safe as possible. Your neurologist may find the testing data we send to them helpful.